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Best Power Supply Brands for Gaming PC Builds

A Power Supply Unit or a PSU is, quite literally, the main driving force of a computer. A PSU basically converts AC power from the wall to DC power for your computer’s internals, which means it has the potential to damage your components – which is why picking a power supply from a reputable brand is highly stressed.

Normal computers for office work or regular use can be handled by a simple power supply. And by simple, we mean PSUs with lower-end specifications (not unbranded). But when it comes to high end gaming builds, there is no way around it. If you go with a sub-standard power supply you are basically putting hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of components at risk.

All that being said, obviously choosing the best power supply is also important, especially given how many options are out there. Which is why today we are going to discuss some of the best power supply brands for gaming PC builds that you can go with without having to worry much.

EVGA Power Supplies

EVGA has been ‘the best’ (still subjective) power supply provider in the market for more than a decade now. It tops all other brands if prices and value are compared. Their PSUs have proven to be highly reliable in handling heavy loads and the company utilizes multiple types of capacitors including Japanese and other Asian region brands.

There are multiple categories in which EVGA divide their power supplies. The 80+ and 80+ bronze power supplies contain non-Japanese capacitors mostly, but in their 80+ gold series; all components use 100% Japanese capacitors. Another very famous feature of these power supplies is their extended hold up time which makes them some of the most stable and reliable PSUs in the market.

EVGA PSUs also have good ratings for the +12V rail regardless of fluctuation, and are solid bets if you’re into overclocking your gaming rig as well. Here are some of the EVGA PSU models that are popularly rated.

Standard 80+: 430 watts, 500 watts

80+ BRONZE: 500 watts, 600 watts, 700 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts

80+ Gold Supernovas: 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1300 watts, 1600 watts

For budget builds we recommend:

EVGA 600 B1, 80+ BRONZE 600W

EVGA best Power Supply Brand

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Corsair Power Supplies

Corsair has its reach in multiple hardware development circuits like power supplies, RAM memories and PC cases. Their power supplies aren’t rated as highly as EVGA but they do come in a lot of varieties and can fit your budget depending on your requirements.

However, their cheaper PSUs have come under fire from critics, especially the CX series, but then, you have to understand that a cheaper PSU basically uses cheaper components, which are essentially lower in quality and that consequently affects performance and reliability.

The company does however manufacture high-end PSUs as well. These include the AX, HX and RM series. Hence if you’re willing to spend some real cash on a power supply, you can consider Corsair as an option.

The setback with cheaper CX series supplies from Corsair is that they contain Chinese capacitors which don’t have a very healthy reputation in the market. Another drawback of the cheaper series is that it has a decreased hold up time.

These are Corsair’s series with their power ranges:

CX series: 500 watts, 600 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts

RM series: 450 watts, 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts

For budget gaming rigs, we recommend:

Corsair CX Series, CX600, 600 Watt

corsair best power supply brand

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Cooler Master Power Supplies

Cooler Master is one of the most underrated power supply and cooling equipment brands in the gaming market. From regular computers to heavy gaming systems, Cooler Master has power supplies according to all requirements. The latest Intel gaming processors are from the Skylake series and Cooler Master has its own series which is compatible with those processors.

The relatively older PSUs from Cooler Master proved popular with customers. They were reliable, showed more than 70% efficiency and can be purchased in cheap prices today. However the V series by Cooler Master is 80+ Gold. This means that those 80+ Gold supplies can deliver power efficiency as high as 92% that leads to lesser heat generation. With these supplies backing your system, you can easily add two graphics cards to a 750 watt model and still run a system under full load.

Cooler Master PSU range is as follows:

GM series: 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts

V series: 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts

For a budget rig we recommend:

Cooler Master Elite V2 – 550W

power supply brands for gaming

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Thermaltake Power Supplies

Thermaltake is a power supply and cooling solutions designer for high-end gaming PCs. Just like EVGA, they are also quite popular among high-end gaming builders.

Tough-power 80+ Gold is a product of Thermaltake that is worth every penny in performance. The non-gold versions of Tough-power PSUs are comparatively cheaper in price and still as reliable.

They have a good variety in terms of wattage as well. Starting from 550 watts, which can easily run a TitanX based system. Cable management with Thermaltake PSUs is also a feature users have positive feedback about.

Thermaltake PSU range is as follows:

Smart 80+ BRONZE: 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts

Tough-power 80+ GOLD: 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts, 1500 watts

For budget gaming rigs we recommend:

Thermaltake Smart Standard 650W 80 PLUS Bronze

Best PSU brand Thermaltake

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What is the deal with PSU efficiency ratings?

Before we sign off, we’re also going to shed some light on what PSU efficiency ratings really mean. Throughout this post and in your own research, you’ve probably read that a certain PSU is 80+, while some are 70+ or even 90% efficient.

These are the efficiency ratings – indicating the amount of power loss that takes place as your PSU converts AC current from the wall to DC current.

This means a 500 Watt PSU with an 80% efficiency rating will be losing 20% power in the conversion. This consequently means that in order to give your gaming PC a steady 500 watts, the PSU will be pulling 120% of the required wattage from the wall – which is 600 watts in this case.

Hence, a higher efficiency means less power loss, which means less power consumption, less heat generation and lower electricity bills for you. That’s all there is to know about this in simple terms.

We hope you found this post informative and it helped you understand PSU efficiency ratings and get some information about the top power supply brands for gaming PC builds. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below.

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