Best Gaming Computer Desks for Home 2024

Now that you’ve got yourself an awesome gaming rig, you have to set it up somewhere.

An ergonomic gaming desk is key to hours of comfortable gaming. I know from experience.

While in your excitement you may end up cramping yourself and playing League of Legends or Dota with the wrong posture – give it a couple hours and you’re going to be hurting in your wrists, elbows, back and neck.

That’s why, you need a proper gaming desk for your computer, and today we’re going to help you choose one that meets your requirements. Your own personal preferences will dictate desk’s style, color and design, but the major considerations are budget, space (size of the table), height and clearance.

Now let’s look at the best options according to budget categories.

Best Gaming Desks Under $100:

If you’re looking for something under $100, you won’t find much in the way of fancy designs but you can easily get a robust built and a decent looking table.

This is for people that plan to save some cash while purchasing a computer desk, and only want a single display set up.

HomCom Computer Table:

One of the simplest computer tables on our list, the HomCom gaming desk is perfect for small spaces like apartments and dorm rooms. Along with a small footprint, it has a minimalistic maplewood design with sleek iron wires for stability.

The feet have plastic grips and the table is more than capable of holding a complete single display setup with the CPU going down on the floor. For it’s price, its a budget table that is worth a shot.

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Glass Computer Desk:

This elegantly designed glass desk gets the job done without breaking your bank and scores good points in the style department as well. It has good clearance, a reasonable footprint and a beautiful glass top.

The HomCom desk above did not come with a retractable tray, but this table, being sold by Flash Furniture, includes the keyboard tray for easy access and a foot-rest rod at the bottom.

You can get this desk for your gaming set up for under $100 and it’s a solid choice for this price range.

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Best Gaming Desks Under $200:

If your budget is over $100, you’ll be able to get more purpose-built desks for gaming with extra space, compartments and features.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro:

The Atlantic gaming desk is a perfect answer to all your gaming needs at just a little over $100. It includes a drink holder (very important), DVD rack, speaker panels, display stand and multiple holders.

It’s slightly bigger than the budget desks above, but it offers a lot more space and gives you the option to properly organize all your gaming gear. If you can afford to spend just a little over $100, this is a highly recommended gaming desk.

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Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation:

This desk is right on the money for all kinds of gamers and professionals who want a premium and ergonomic desk for their computer usage. The Z-Line Workstation is a solid desk with a clear glass top, a display stand and even a retractable keyboard tray.

There is plenty of space at the base for the CPU and enough clearance for your legs. Cable management is also made easy with a panel at the back and the feet have wheels for easy movement.

Even looks wise this desk, featuring a cherry brown finish, looks classy and will fit into any decent room or office. This desk is a little expensive, but worth the money if you’re in for the kind of design it sports.

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Best Gaming Desks Under $500:

If you’re willing to shell out major bucks for your gaming desk, you need to be looking at the options listed in this category. We’re still not going to list any desk that is overkill and a waste of money though. But your gaming setup is definitely going to take a step up with these desks.

DXRacer PC Gaming Desk:

This is a high performance gaming desk for true enthusiasts. Even the aggressive design screams extreme performance and the desk has a lot of utility features for hardcore gamers.

Firstly you get a rotating desk with a 10 degree slope for comfortable forearm positioning to prevent RSI over prolonged gaming sessions.

The table also features extensive cable management and exceptional stability thanks to the triangular leg pattern. It is no doubt a costly accessory, but if you’re building an extreme gaming rig, this is the table to go with.

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Bestar Hampton Corner Desk:

We wanted to include a corner gaming desk in our list and this is one of the best options available. The Bestar Hampton is all about luxury and space, giving you a complete work station with enough space for any accessories or peripherals you may have.

It even has a nice shelf, drawer and a cabinet for stuff you may not want out in the open all the time. The 70-inch wide space is enough for a multi-display setup, but if you want to put your monitors on the stand, you may want to be cautious about their sizes.

The advantage of corner desks is that they offer a lot more useable space without as large a footprint. This desk is quite pricey once again, but totally worth it if you’re looking to set up an extreme gaming set up in a fairly large room.

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That’s all for now folks. You can pick any of the gaming desks in this post for your set up according to your budget. Before we end this though, we’d also like to talk about the importance of proper posture and seating when using your computer for extended gaming.

Correct Posture for Gaming

Most gamers are very careless with their posture while gaming, and while that’s understandable (in the heat of battle), consistent bad posturing can lead to strain and stress injuries that can and will affect areas like wrists, forearms, elbows, ankles and the whole back.

We wanted to include a quick video here showing the correct posture for using a computer:

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