Top 3 Best Mice for Fortnite (Gaming Mice) 2024

Anyone aspiring to take their gameplay to the next level needs proper gear, just like they would in any sport. Trying to grab those Victory Royales in Fortnite can be hard and even exhausting if you’re stuck with an old mouse that is not as responsive or does not offer extra buttons and features such as macros.

Fortnite is not your typical FPS game – apart from shooting and changing weapons you’ll also need to be able to defend yourself and outplay opponents by quick building and editing, solely dependent on your key set up, this is why having a mouse with an amazing grip and extra buttons makes all the difference.

If you’re looking for the best mice for Fortnite or gaming mice in general, we’re going to share our top 3 picks below.

#1. Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

The G502 is a fabulous looking mouse that has two variants, Proteus Core and Proteus Spectrum, which is the latest version, enabling total RGB control over the mouse from its colors, patterns and even cycle-speed using the bundled Logitech gaming software.

Logitech G502 could be argued to be a mouse built specifically for Fortnite with over 11 programmable buttons (you can have all your buildings and guns at your fingertips). Moreover, its got great aesthetics and an amazing finish and in-hand feel.

For weight distribution, the G502 comes with 5 weight plates that can be removed or added under the mouse depending on your playstyle – whether you want quick movements with your aim and building or more measured and precise control over your cursor – you can set it up.

Another special feature not seen in any other mouse is the scroll wheel of G502 which functions as three buttons along with two modes for spinning itself, regular spin and a freeroll where you can make it spin infinitely if the scroll reaches terminal velocity. Apart from just up and down, it can also be clicked left and right making it much easier to perform multiple actions while building within seconds.

The clicks on G502 are very crisp and satisfying with an impressive response rate. Logitech offers a wide range of DPI ranging from 200 to 12,000 DPI on this mouse.

Most players usually stick in the lower range of below 1000 DPI but for people with amazing reflexes and quick aim, the mouse provides higher numbers of DPI too.

One of the buttons on the mouse is a DPI switch button which can be used to alternate between two preset DPI settings, it allows a smooth transition whether it’s just for fun or if you want to be more precise lining up those 300m sniper shots.

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#2. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Some people prefer wireless gaming mice because of their simplicity and the neatness they bring to your set up without the extra wires, but over the years the gaming community has looked down upon wireless mice due to their lack of response and latency issues when registering commands in the game. Logitech has overcome these complaints with the Logitech G Pro Wireless which is just as responsive as any other mouse with a wire.

One of the key features on this mouse is the way it’s designed – it’s an ambidextrous mouse which means it can work whether you’re left or right-handed you’ll be able to use all its features and buttons.

Overall it’s a featherweight mouse, easy to move around, with a battery capable of providing up to 60 hours of gameplay without RGB, and 48 hours with RGB, while taking only 2 hours to fully recharge.

If you have a powerplay technology mousepad this mouse makes use of it and will never need charging. It has 7 fully customizable buttons and a DPI range from 100 – 16,000 DPI.

Due to its lightspeed and powerplay technology which puts this mouse on par with wired mice and removes any inconvenience of recharging, it throws a solid punch at your wallet when it comes to price but its widespread use in the pro community is a testimony to its success.

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#3. FinalMouse Air58 Ninja

Signed by the star player of the game Ninja himself, this mouse is not just for gamers looking for amazing performance but also fans of the superstar. It’s like the Air Jordans for mice made by the company FinalMouse who teamed up with Ninja for it.

Air58 has holes all over the surface designed to make the mouse feel light and making other ultralight mice feel heavy in comparison. It weighs in at 58 grams which makes it the lightest gaming mouse on the market.

All the scroll wheels are handmade haiku scrolls which means every mouse comes with a few unique Japanese syllables which can be translated to English.

It has a phantom cord which allows it to glide over the mouse pad as swift as a ninja, providing quick shots and accuracy as you’re on the move.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this simple mouse, it is something everyone needs to experience themselves, however, the company makes it in limited numbers and the only way of getting your hands on it is to follow their socials and stay updated. It gets very pricey on the secondary market after it goes out of stock, but can still be grabbed from the official Amazon store (for over 300 dollars).

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And this wraps up our list of the best gaming mice for Fortnite, but any of these will do great for overall gaming too, as long as you value speed, comfort, and functionality. If you’ve got other suggestions or questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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